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Research themes

Our research is divided into two programmes that work together with the aim of translating genetic discoveries into treatments for musculoskeletal conditions.

Translational genetics

Preventing disease

We translate current understanding to prevent disease onset, prevent complications and improve long-term outcome.

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Predicting treatment response

We aim to improve measures of treatment outcome, understand the impact of confounding, and discover novel biomarkers.

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Personalising treatment

We aim to investigate failure of current treatment and attempt to identify new treatments.

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Functional genetics

Functional mechanisms

Our research focuses on the identification of causal variants and genes within regions associated with complex traits, using a combination of genetic analysis, bioinformatic tools and functional experiments.

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We aim to characterise how immune cells change as a result of carrying DNA variants that increase the risk of disease.

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We aim to provide bioinformatics solutions to analyse and interpret the increasing wealth of data, primarily sequencing data, in the post-genomic era.

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